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Ankaferd Bloodstopper

Ankaferd Blood Stopper Absorbable Wet Tampon


It stops bleeding when applied by pressing lightly on the bleeding area for a short time in cuts, traumatic injuries, and cases where tissue integrity is impaired. Ankaferd Bleeding Stopper Absorbable Wet Pad is a 100% oxidized cellulose product that can be absorbed in the body and used for hemostatic purposes in bleeding areas. Depending on the bleeding area and the amount of bleeding, different types of tampons may be required. It is suitable for use by healthcare professionals in endoscopic interventions and laparoscopic surgeries.


Each box contains one sterile, packaged, disposable Ankaferd Bleeding Stopper Absorbable Wet Pad Set. Each Ankaferd Bleeding Stopper Absorbable Wet Pad Set contains sterile, packaged, disposable, body absorbable Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Pad and Ankaferd Solution injector.


  • In cuts, traumatic injuries, in cases where tissue integrity is impaired in every part of the body,

  • In GIS Bleeding

  • Bleeding during the surgical operation and in places where there is a possibility of post-operative bleeding,

  • In all endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures

  • It is suitable for use in arterial bleeding, epistaxis and all other bleedings

  • 0.5ml and 1ml products are designed for dental use. Its use in complicated or normal tooth extraction operations, bleeding occurring during and after implantation procedures, in the control of bleeding occurring during cyst operations, removal, curettage, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, and in all other oral dental operations provides the comfort of intervention to the dentist and increases the comfort of the patient

  • Ankaferd Blood Stopper Absorbable Wet Tampon should not be placed into a vein or into the blood circulation system

ABS Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Tampon stops bleeding both in individuals with normal hemostatic values and in patients with hemorrhagic diathesis with impaired primary or secondary hemostasis, eg in patients with hemophilia. Bactericidal and fungicidal effects have been shown in in vitro studies, and its use as an adjunct to treatment in infected hemorrhagic tissues may be beneficial.


ABS Solution Injector      ORC Tampon Size    
0,5 ml                             (1cm x 2,5cm)    Recommended for Dental Use
1 ml                                (2cm x 2,5cm)    Recommended for Dental Use
2,5 ml                             (2,5cm x 5cm)    
5 ml                                (5cm x 5cm)    
10 ml                              (5cm x 10cm)


External Use

  • The Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Tampon package is opened. Ankaferd solution in the injector should be sprayed evenly all over the pad in the packaging container. 1-1.5 minutes should be waited for the Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Buffer to absorb the solution.

  • Absorbable Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Tampon on the bleeding area is covered and pressed to control the bleeding.

  • Ankaferd Blood Stopper Absorbable Wet Tampon starts to be absorbed by the body within 7-14 days. It disappears completely within 40 days.

Endoscopic Use

  • Ankaferd Blood Stopper Absorbable Wet Tamon can be used with endoscopic devices

  • Ankaferd Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Tampon is placed on the bleeding surface by endoscopic method. Ankaferd Solution injectors are compatible with the catheter. The injector cap is removed and the injector is locked into a spray catheter placed inside the endoscope working channel to spray Ankaferd solution into the absorbable pad.

  • Ankaferd Blood Stopper Absorbable Wet Tampon is offered with five syringe volume options. The appropriate size for the endoscopic procedure to be completed should be selected.

  • The injection catheter should be as close to the bleeding point as possible.

  • Sufficient time should be given for hemostasis to occur before applying more. When a color change is visible, hemostasis should have occurred.

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